Air and Missile Defense Systems

ASELSAN designs air defense gun and missile systems by integrating high performance sensors, command control, communications and fire control systems based on layered air defense concept.

ASELSAN commenced her activities in air defense field with the Stinger Missile Joint Production Program about 30 years ago. Afterwards, ASELSAN added Air Defence Command and Control System (HERIKKS) and Air Defence Radar (KALKAN) to the air defense product portfolio. ASELSAN became an air defense solution provider for Turkish Armed Forces and for potential customers in global market, to provide all three essential assets of air defense, weapons, sensors and command control systems.

With the experience of 25 years in air defense area, ASELSAN carries on with the design, development and production of KORKUT Self Propelled Air Defense Gun System, Low/Medium/Long Altitude Air Defense Missile Systems, Long Range Air Defense Missile System which shows that ASELSAN is capable of designing and producing air defense systems, using different caliber guns, different type of missile or rockets for land, navy and airborne applications. ASELSAN is also capable of modernizing the existing air defense systems according to the new requirements of the international armed forces.