Command Control Communication Computer Systems

Based on the capabilities available and within the framework of command control development programs, ASELSAN, has continuously increased her R&D activities in order to develop C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) systems and equipment to meet the requirements of the tactical battlefield in the 21st Century.

ASELSAN's C4ISR Development Program yielded its products under the categories of

- Fire Support (FS) 

- Air Defense (AD)

- Battle Management System (BMS)

- Electronic Warfare (EW)

- Reconnaissance/Surveillance and Intelligence and

- Tactical Communications Systems and Equipment

ASELSAN C4ISR systems and its equipment such as computers, terminals, sensors, radars, and EW systems are designed, developed, produced and integrated with in-house R&D infrastructure, knowledge and experience. 

ASELSAN's main technological approach for C4ISR systems can be summarized as, maximum utilization of "Open Systems Architecture" and "Commercial Off The Shelf" approaches to the extent that meets customer's operational and technical requirements in a cost effective way. Reliability and security factors are integrated to the system solutions.

ASELSAN systems utilize national and international standards for interoperability. Systems also provide interface for data exchange with NATO and allied country systems.