Electronic Warfare Command, Control and Information System

Electronic Warfare Command, Control and Coordination System  (EWC3S) enhances the efficiency of electronic warfare systems deployed in the battlefield. Depending on developing and rapidly  changing technology,  EWC3S fulfills more accurate and faster evaluation, decision making and command control capabilities.

EWC3S capabilities are not limited to mission planning, mission execution, exploitation of the data gathered by EW systems, execution of critically important functions such as offline signal analysis, traffic and audio analysis; but also include acquisition of informational dominance, improvement of battle efficiency, discovery of the position, network structure and organization of the enemy in the battlefield.

EW systems acquire command, control and information system capabilities with EWC3S and also ensures interoperability of EW systems with other command, control and information systems.

EWC3S consists of mobile platforms such as Electronic Warfare Control and Coordination Center (EWCCC) Electronic Warfare Control Unit (EWCU) and Electonic Warfare Command Center  (EWCC) at army, corps and brigade levels respectively;  as well as a stationary Data Management Center  (DMC) for storage and analysis of recorded data.