ASELSAN Fire Support Automation System - AFSAS

ASELSAN Fire Support Automation System (AFSAS) is designed to provide the most effective, efficient and timely fire support that the corps need by integrating fire support units with the other functional areas of the battlefield.

ASELSAN Fire Support Automation System is a unique combination of subsystems designed by ASELSAN for tactical and technical fire direction that covers the entire fire support functionality, ranging from the uppermost command centers at the corps level to the lowermost individual units at gun and forward observer levels. AFSAS is defined as system of systems.

AFSAS provides planning and execution of fire missions to shoot a target with the most appropriate weapon system and ammunition at the most appropriate time. It provides for maximum utilization of the fire support assets available on the battlefield.

AFSAS provides integrated and automated support for planning, coordinating and controlling of all fire support assets such as field artillery (including mortars and multiple launch rockets), observers, radars, met stations and survey systems.