BAIKS Battery Fire Direction System

ASELSAN Field Artillery Battery Fire Direction System (BAIKS) is a technical fire direction and data communications system designed to increase the accuracy, fire power and the responsiveness of field artillery batteries.

BAIKS provides automation of technical fire direction processes in towed and self-propelled (SP) Direct Support/General Support field artillery batteries/platoons. The system enables the fire direction center and the firing units to perform their missions fast, accurately and effectively.

BAIKS fire direction software implements “NATO Armaments Ballistic Kernel” (NABK). The system is able to compute the firing commands rapidly and precisely. The system can be easily configured to support different unit organizations (e.g. battery-based with 4, 6 or 8 guns or platoon-based battery with 2 platoons, each having 2, 3 or 4 guns) as required by the tactical environment.