Electro Optic Systems

Standing as a reliable solution provider in electro optics, ASELSAN offers a wide range of products to its customers.

The scope of the electro optical products designed in ASELSAN is as follows:

    Cooled and uncooled thermal cameras,
    Day cameras,
    Night vision (image intensifier) devices,
    Laser range finders,
    Laser designators
    Laser warning systems.

    ASELSAN does not only provide stand-alone products, but also provides integrated system solutions that uses the advanced technologies and offers different sensors into one compact and ergonomic design consisting of thermal camera, day camera, laser range finder, GPS, DMC and laser pointer, to fulfill the requirements for target acquisition in extensive ranges and provide critical information for engagements.


Thanks to our high value-added electro-optic solutions, we provide the capabilities needed by air, naval, land and special forces. Some examples for ASELSAN products are as follows: electro optical gimbal systems and pods for air based applications; surveillance systems, laser designators, laser range finders, main battle tank and infantry fighting vehicle sighting systems and periscopes for land based applications; electro optical director, thermal imaging systems, submarine periscopes and  laser warning receivers for naval based applications; cooled and uncooled thermal imagers, image intensifiers, weapon sights, laser range finders and integrated electro optic systems for special forces.

ASELSAN electro optic products are being used in wide range of application areas such as:

    Hand-held applications
    Weapon sight applications
    Reconnaissance and surveillance
    Main battle tank and infantry fighting vehicle sighting applications
    Laser systems applications
    Missile launcher sighting applications
    Air platforms
    Naval platforms

ASELSAN electro optic products reflect the latest developments and technology in electro optic applications. Thanks to the efficient, state-of-the-art and military standard design, ASELSAN electro optical products provide highest performance under day, night, severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions.