Guidance and Unmanned Systems

Guidance and Unmanned Systems

ASELSAN offers indigenous guidance kits, seekers and unmanned systems used in civil and military fields that can compete on a World scale.

Guidance Systems

ASELSAN designs and manufactures national guidance systems with its 30 years of experience. ASELSAN, with its design, production and industrialization opportunities; It develops Guidance Kits (LGK, HGK etc.) that transform free fall bombs into cost-effective and highly reliable smart munitions, and smart bombs such as Miniature Bomb. Thanks to the ongoing projects, technological achievements and infrastructures created, ASELSAN is among the few companies that can compete on a global scale in the field of guidance technologies.

Seeker Systems

ASELSAN having almost 30 years of experience in the field of seeker technologies, performs the design, development and production activities of seeker systems used in missiles and ammunition. A significant part of the products originally developed by ASELSAN are in the serial production phase and currently used in Anti-Tank Missiles, Air Defense Missiles and Guided Munitions, which are all in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces. In the field of seeker technologies; ASELSAN has the capability, experience and infrastructure owned by only a few countries in the world and also invests in basic technology areas such as the infrared detector used in the seeker so that the critical sub-components of the seeker are locally developed and manufactured.

ASELSAN Guidance and Seeker Products:

Laser Guidance Kits LGK-82/84

Precision Guidance Kits HGK-82/84

Miniature Bomb

UMTAS/OMTAS Anti-Tank Missiles Infrared Seeker

KARAOK Anti-Tank Missile Infrared Seeker

HİSAR – A+/O Air Defense Missiles Seeker

Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned Systems activities focus on the development and production of systems with remote control and autonomous decision making capabilities, which will be widely used on the next generation battlefield arena.

    ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance),

    RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition),

    Asymmetric warfare,

    Critical infrastructure security,


    Mine Detection,

    Perimeter Patrol,

    Search and rescue,

    Port and sea trade security,

    Logistics support.