Traffic Shaper

Traffic Shaper prevents packet losses when the data traffic exceeds the allowed mean traffic at an instant.

Especially in Video Monitoring Systems, packet losses may occur in camera images where they are transferred from one point to a central point through the service provider. The reason of this problem is the existence of I-frame-based microbursts in camera images in H.264 format and the bandwidth limitation applied in the service provider lines. When these bursts exceed the allowable bandwidth, they are clipped by the service provider and packet losses occur. To overcome the problem, the service provider should not apply any bandwidth limitation or it should increase the bandwidth limit. However, this increases the operational cost of the fiber accesses.

Traffic Shaper located between the Layer 2 ETHERNET Switch and the central point prevents microbursts by firstly buffering and then sending video IP packets.

By such a solution, the problem is overcome in the allowable bandwidth and data communication is performed without any packet (image) losses.​