112 Emergency

ASELSAN Public Safety Access Point Solution is a system infrastructure managing the process of the emergency case starts from answering the emergency calls to taking the emergency case under control at the incident or intervention place (hospital, police station etc.). Through ASELSAN PSAP Solution;

    Public institutions such as Health Department, Police Department, Fire Department, Gendarmerie, Coast Guard etc., use the same technological infrastructure and are able to provide prompt and effective services.
    Every data and transaction in PSAP system is able to log. All recorded data can be shared between the operators and institutions, instantaneously.
    Emergency calls are collected and forwarded to related unit(s) in order to serve the citizens urgently.
    Emergency Institutions are able to manage their resources and their units, effectively.



An emergency case is solved by only one institution or the union of the institutions regarding the complexity of the case.

Emergency calls from citizens, are received by Call Takers Any information about the incident is processed in application software by the call taker operator and kept in the database. At the same time, some information provided from external sources such as the location of incoming calls is shown on the application software, instantaneously. Emergency case forms created by call takers are distributed to the operators of many institution simultaneously through the system. Thus, all institutions associated with the incident are able to start managing the incident and their resources at the same time.

The call dispatcher is the operator who is in the command center of public institutions. Call dispatcher communicates with the mobile units in the field (ambulance, police vehicle, gendarmerie patrol etc.) and operation center (police station, fire station, health center etc.) to provide a prompt and effective intervention and manages the emergency case. Call dispatchers communicate and share information with mobile units and operation centers (agencies) via voice or data. This type of communication and data sharing is the part of ASELSAN PSAP Solution.

System administrators can monitor all transactions on the system by System&Alarm Software. System administrators monitor the number of waiting calls, operators' states, mobile units' locations, etc.

System administrators are able to reach any kind of reports through System&Alarm Software, and also, all the alarms which are generated from all manageable devices connected to the system can be managed and monitored.