​eCall is triggered automatically by the in-vehicle device in case of serious car accident or manually by vehicle occupants. It creates a voice link to the closest PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) and sends data message (Minimum Set of Data –MSD) using common European standards.

MSD includes:

    Accurate location (GNSS) and direction of driving
    Vehicle identification
    Information about the accident
    Time information

The HeERO project was started to prepare, carry-out and coordinate eCall pre-deployment pilots by taking into account the European standards.  The works carried out in Turkey had been carried    out by ASELSAN as a main contractor. With the pilot project completed at the end of 2014, an eCall infrastructure was created to work with the 112 system. In the tests carried out, calls made from the vehicles with in-vehicle eCall equipment were transferred to the operators in the same center with the eCall system.