Land and Weapon Systems

ASELSAN put special emphasis on Weapon Systems field of activities, where ASELSAN again have indigenous products for the purposes of coastal defense, border defense and defense of naval platforms. These are;

ASELSAN Stabilized Gun Platforms: The ASELSAN Stabilized Gun Platforms, which can be mounted on either stationary or mobile platforms, are designed for purposes of coastal defense, border defense and defense of naval platforms against asymmetric threats. By its stabilized structure, remote operability feature, automated target detection function, and firing accuracy, the system can be recommended for all combat purposes. 7,62mm, 12,7mm machine guns and 40mm grenade launcher can be integrated to STAMP and SARP while 25 mm guns are used in STOP and NEFER and 30mm guns are used in SMASH and NEFER. Moreover ATGM (Anti Tank Guided Missile) can be integrated with 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns in SERDAR System.

Fire Control Systems: ASELSAN Fire Control Systems for towed and self-propelled howitzers combine fire control, fire direction and communication systems, which provide the capability for rapid deployment, relocation, accurate gun laying and integration into the modern artillery command and control systems. The mission oriented, menu driven graphical user interface enables the user to perform the missions fast, accurately and effectively. Fire Control Systems present an open architecture to be tailored for the specific requirements of users.

Tank Systems: Sub-systems that were developed for not only Turkish National Main Battle Tank, ALTAY, but also other MBT modernization solutions, such as; fire control systems, electrical gun&turret drive system, remote weapon station, active protection systems, command control communication & information system, battlefield target identification system, laser warning system, 360o situational awareness system, driver’s sight system and telescopic periscope system are provided by ASELSAN.

Smart Munitions: ASELSAN provides solutions for smart munitions of naval, air and land platforms.  With having valuable experience on military electronic design, ASELSAN continues to design and manufacture medium and large caliber smart munitions to provide high hit probability by integrating electronic units into munitions.

Active Protection Systems: Active protection systems detect and destroy threats before impact on military land vehicles. ASELSAN designs and manufactures active protection systems to provide effective solutions for protection of military land vehicles in battle area against threats.