Military Communication Systems

Military Communication Systems are composed of systems that provide various communication needs of users in all military platforms. ASELSAN has been developing military radios and communication systems to military institutions since the beginning of 1980's. The experience, that has been cumulated, is integrated with the latest technological developments in order to offer seamless, secure, fast and cost-effective communication solutions.

The communication systems are designed exclusively to fulfill secure and seamless voice and data communication demands of Land, Airborne and Naval platforms.

ASELSAN Military Communication Systems constitute the infrastructure of military communication to provide secure voice and data communication to users with embodying diverse EPM techniques. With respect to National and International client requirements, ASELSAN offers customized solutions and develops state of art products/systems. The solutions presented from Military Communication Systems are used not only in Turkey but also in many countries around the world to meet the communication needs in platforms extending from missile platforms to land, air and naval platforms.