Integrated Naval Communication Systems

​ASELSAN provides complete internal / external naval communication system solutions for all communication needs, tailored to any naval platform. Systems built on IP-based technologies help provide high performance, ease of integration and reduction of costs.

External Communication System

External Naval Communication System provides both for surface and submarine type naval platforms with reliable, secure and rapid voice & data communication with other naval, air, shore stations or satellite terminals and consists of the following equipment/systems

External Communication System​ ​
​Communication Control System
-Switching System
​Power Distribution System
​​Radio Communication Equipment
-V/UHF Transceiver
-VHF Transceiver
-HF Transceiver
-VLF Transceiver
​Antenna Systems
​HF Data Modem System Message Handling System
​​Tactical Data Links (L11, L16, L22) Voice Recording System
​​Satellite Communication System
-Military Satellite Communication System (X-Band, Ku-Band, UHF-Band)
-Commercial Satellite Communication System (Inmarsat)
Console Systems and Mechanical Adaptation Works
​​Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)
-Weather Fax
-VHF Telsizler (IMM DSC)
​IFF Mode 5/S Identification System
​Integration of Data and Voice Crypto Equipment

Internal Communication System

Internal Communication System provides to contact with many locations on naval platform, to reach external communication systems through Communication Control System, to control external systems, to activate alarms and announces and is consist of the following equipment/systems

​​Internal Communication System
​​User Stations
​Telephone System
​Sound ​Powered (S/P) Telephone System
​Alarm & Announce System
​Helicopter Communication System (HELO)
​​Entertainment and Training System
R​epair Parties Damage Control Communication System