TASMUS Tactical Area Communications System

TASMUS, Tactical Area Communications System is a network centric communication infrastructure that enables obtaining a common picture of the battlefield in near-real time and sharing data among battlefield systems in near-real time.

TASMUS forms a survivable, flexible, secure and mobile backbone to address all the present and future communication requirements of the commanders in the tactical field. Command & control functions such as air defense, fire support, maneuver control, intelligence, electronic warfare and logistic support need to be executed simultaneously on the battlefield through rapid and reliable exchange of information.

TASMUS infrastructure provides the necessary communication support to all these tactical applications. Making use of state-of-the-art tactical routers, encryption devices and radiolinks, TASMUS establishes the communication backbone typically at the brigade level. In addition, by enabling user access through mobile tactical networking radios and legacy combat net radio networks it allows users at all echelons to exchange information via encrypted data, voice and video services. TASMUS is deployed in the center of military operations such that seamless communication between the army and battalion/company level is achieved.