ISR Data Link System

​​ISR Data Link products provide secure, long range and high speed transmission of ISR Data (video, image, etc.) between platforms.

Different platform needs (UAV, Helicopter, POD etc.) are taken into consideration within the scope of ASELSAN Joint Data Link System solution to meet below mentioned different operational needs.

- Transmission of payload info (image, video, sensor data etc.) from airborne platforms to the ground operator in near real-time;

- Transmission of related commands and marking info from ground platform to airborne platform

- Network based tactical communication between platforms

ASELSAN Joint Data Link System is indigenously designed to meet all ISR and Tactical Data Link requirements.

​​​​General Specifications​
​​​​​​​Software Defined Radio hardware architecture
​​​​​​​TRANSEC and COMSEC crypto capability
​​​​​​Flexible and modular architecture; configurable depending on different data rate, range and frequency band requirements
​​​​​​​Low SWAP
​​​​​​High data transmission rate support
​​​​​​High speed frequency hopping capability
​Automatic relay capability
​Low latency
​​Network based (Ad-Hoc and Self-Healing)
​​Antenna tracking and steering capability
​​​Analog and digital video interface support