Tactical Data Link System

Tactical Data Link (TDL) systems provide the backbone for Network Enabled Capability. In this context Tactical Data Links are used to establish information superiority in the battlefield. Information superiority enables fast and accurate decision making and planning thus significantly improving friendly forces' effectiveness.

Tactical Data Links developed for land, marine and air platforms at single force or joint operations possess following properties to ensure right information is presented to right person with right format and at the right time

​​​​Tactical Data Link (TDL) Systems ​ Specifications
​​​​​​IP based
​​​​​​Adaptive modulation
​​​​​Dynamic slot management
​​​​​​High frequency hopping rate
​​​​​​Multiple access techniques such as TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, SDMA etc.
​​​​​​High data transmission rate support
Ad Hoc network
​Low latency
​Automatic relay ve forwarding
​Late entry support

In TDL field, ASELSAN's software defined radio and crypto capabilities offer significant infrastructure for countries' national needs.