9661 HF Ground Radio Family

The 9661 HF Radios are a new generation Software Defined Radio covering the HF 1.6-30MHz band. Software configurable architecture enables supporting various radio waveforms and EPM techniques. Beyond line of sight communication is made possible based on the latest HF technology via use of NATO STANAGs and Military Standards. The versatility of waveforms and modes enable communication even in the most hostile HF channel conditions. With the use of technologies such as Automatic Channel

Selection (ACS) and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), ease of use is provided while reducing the need for well-trained and experienced operator.

The radio has embedded Built-In Digital Modem. Modem functionalities in the Software Defined HF Radio are implemented based on several NATO STANAGs and MIL-STD's. While voice and data can be transmitted over a preset fixed frequency, it is also possible to employ an Automatic Channel Selection mechanism which determines the usable frequency for communication. It is possible to communicate under intentional or unintentional interference by using frequency hopping mode of operation.

9661 HF Radio built-in modem (physical layer) includes Digital Data Waveforms, Automatic Link Establishment and Frequency Hopping. USB, LSB, ISB, AME, AM and CW modulations are supported through 9661 HF Software Defined Radio.

Digital voice coding/decoding is performed with MELPe vocoder and the data rate for digital voice can be 600, 1200 or 2400 bps. Digital voice communication over fixed frequency can be encrypted. Data communication over fixed frequency can be encrypted or clear. Frequency hopping is the Electronic Protection Measure (EPM) for transmission of digital voice and data.

9661 HF Radio family has three configurations for Manpack, Vehicle and Fixed Station usage. 20W can be used for Manpack and Vehicle configurations and 150 W can be used for Vehicle and Fixed Station configurations.