IFF Mode 5/S Short-Medium Range Interrogator

IFF Mode 5/S Interrogator is a Short-Medium Range Interrogator which meets today's air defense needs with Mode 5/S features. Mode 5/S IFF Interrogator is compatible with STANAG 4193 Edition 3 and supports Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3/A, Mode C, Mode S and encrypted modes Mode 4/Mode 5.

IFF Mode 5/S Interrogator works coordinately with the primary sensor in the platform. Interrogator has "Automatic/Manual" and "Interlace/Supermode", SUR pulse interrogation management capabilities depending upon operational needs.

IFF Mode 5/S Interrogator has "RSLS/ISLS", "Defruiting", "GTC" and "Mode 4/5 Reply Evaluation" capabilities.


IFF Mode 5/S Interrogator includes; FPGA, DSP, Microprocessors with high processing power; ADC/DAC with high sampling rate and digital modulation/demodulation techniques therefore flexibility and reliability are significantly provided.

​​​General Specifications
​​​STANAG 4193 Edition 3 compatible
​​Compatible Mode 4/5 Plug-In Crypto Device
​Mode 1, 2, 3, C, S, 4 ve 5 (Level1 & Level2 )