6670 IP Intercommunication System

6670 Inter Communication System (ICS-6670), developed as a unique design, presents an IP based communication system solution inside the military vehicle.

In the tactical field, ICS-6670 satisfies communication ability to the crew in the mobile platforms (such as Tank, Command Control Vehicle, APC etc.) with each other inside or outside the platform. It performs audio and data communication requirements through various radios connected to the system in the platform using its electronic switching infrastructure.

ICS-6670 with its active noise reduction techniques performs clear and effective audio communication even in noisy vehicles. The system is compatible with ZAMBAK Headsets developed by ASELSAN.

Since ICS-6670 is IP-based, it easily makes possible to increase the number of operators. The users can be assigned to different authorization levels in the system and the system can be easily configued according to its use case.

ICS-6670 presents a flexible structure that can simultaneously switch audio and data communication without effecting each other.

ICS-6670 is able operate in the environmental conditions defined in MIL-STD-810F and in EMI/EMC conditions defined in MIL-STD-461E.

ICS-6670, which will be indispensable for platform projects, meets all communication requirements of platforms in compatibility with the national waveforms of ASELSAN radios and also it operates in compatibility with other IP based systems and correspondent international radios.