6680 Digital Vehicular Intercommunication System

In armoured vehicles (Tank/APC, Command & Control, Sur­veillance, Reconnaisance Vehicles), cIear and effective communication is essential.

ASELSAN Digital Intercommunication System with its electronic switching infrastructure provides internal communication between crew members and external communication over the radios which are connected to the system.

Internal and external communication can also be established by an infantry soldier in the vicinity or up to 3 Km away from the vehicle

​​General Feature
​Clear and Effective Voice Communication
​Up to 6 User Stations Connection
​Up to 6 Radios Connection/Control
​Digital Signal Processing and Switching
​Two-Wire ISDN Interface between User Stations
​External Wireless Connection in the Vicinity of the Vehicle
​External Field Telephone or Remote Station Connection Possibility
​Easy to Configure Pre-Programmed Interfaces
​User Authorizaiton and Priority Assignment Capabilities
​Audio/Visual Alerts and Monitoring
​Easy Operation and Maintenance
​Easy Integration and Installation
​Compatible with ZAMBAK Headsets (which possesses ANR property)