Tactical Switch with G.SHDSL Interface

Aselsan 6542 ATM Devices are Layer 3 Switching devices that are designed to meet the military switching and routing requirements in an IP network.

6542 ATM Devices consist of two main units called Multiple Channel Central Unit and Single Channel End Unit.

ATM ÇK (Multiple Channel) includes 16 Ethernet ports (10 / 100 Base Tx) and 16 G.991.2 SHDSL ports.

ATM TK (Single Channel) includes 4 Ethernet ports (10 / 100 Base Tx) and 1 G.991.2 SHDSL port.

ITU G.991.2 SHDSL interface provides high speed IP communication over the existing WD-1-TT cabling infrastructures.

The device is designed to operate under challenging environmental conditions supporting MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461 EMI/EMC standards. In this context, 6542 ATM addresses the communication needs in the challenging tactical area conditions.