IP Remote Control System

IP Remote Control System (RCS-9661) is indigenously designed to provide all functions of various waveforms of Aselsan Military V/UHF and HF Radio families over military IP networks; enabling the User full remote control and communication capability over the Radios distance independently.

The Remote Control System consists of a Local Unit connected to the Radio and a Remote Unit. Due to its modular design, both devices are interchangeable on the tactical field; that is the User can configure the same device as a Local or Remote Unit.

All Units are compatible with 9661 V/UHF Ground Radio Family, 9661 HF Ground Radio Family, 9671 V/UHF and 9671 HF Naval Fixed Station Radios and support all waveforms of the Radios; without a need for additional hardware. External accessories like Handset and Loudspeaker of the Radios can also be used on the Remote Unit to transmit and receive audio. PC Connection on the Remote Unit gives the flexibility to use the Data applications that are already available for the Radio to operate as well.

RCS-9661 incorporates a 5" LCD and multiple function keys; providing the User a more comfortable and richer experience during operation. Other than the default Ethernet connection; fiber and field wire connections are also possible with the use of additional media converters. The system supports AC and DC power inputs for use on different platforms.

Beside these, User can swap control of the Radios between Remote and Local Units. For coordinating control operations; there is audio intercommunication and messaging capability between the Remote and Local End Users. Furthermore, a number of Remote Users on the network may follow transmit and receive Status of multiple Radios as well as their ongoing audio communication.

Optional PC software to replace the Remote Unit is also available for Users who want to soft-integrate remote control and communication capabilities to their current IT Systems.