9671 V/UHF Naval-Fixed Station Radio

SRC-9671 V/UHF is a new generation software defined radio which is designed to provide networked communication solution for integrated C4 system in addition to reliable voice and high speed data and video communications. 30-512 MHz wide operation band and high level electronic protection measures provide high level survivability during communications in comparison to conventional radios.

SRC-9671 Multi Band Software Defined Radio provides ECM capable encrypted and plain voice/high speed data communication for air to ground, ground to ground, ship to ship, ship to air and ship to shore communications.

SRC-9671 V/UHF radio has provisions for SATURN and UHF SATCOM communications. It's hardware supports SATURN and UHF SATCOM features.

- Software Programmable architecture and state of the art hardware structure support multiband and multimode capability

- Software Defined Radios support LOS tactical radio communication (CNR-Combat Net Radio), Wide Band Network Radio (WBNR) to provide high speed data communication and advanced Electronic Counter Counter Measure (ECCM) techniques on the same platform.

- Touch screen display for easy use

- Internal frequency hopping capable co-site filter

- Simultaneous voice and data communications

- ECM Protection

- MIL-STD and NATO STANAG Compatibility

- IP Data and IP Remote Control

- RF Power

- 30W AM (Carrier) / 100W FM

- 100W AM (Carrier) / 150W FM (with External PA)