VHF/FM Low Band Mode (9600) Waveform

It has a working frequency band of 30-108 MHz and a channel spacing of 25 kHz.

Fixed frequency clear, fixed frequency encrypted and frequency hopping communication can be performed.

The waveform is compatible with VHF-FM radios (NATO STANAG 4204) in analog voice communication. Up to 16 kbps half-duplex in synchronous data communication and up to 4.8 kbps in asynchronous data communication are supported with different rates. Also, SMS (Short Message Service) and Operation Code send / receive services are supported to the user.

9651 and 9661 V / UHF radios can scan up to 3 fixed frequency or frequency hopping channels in this waveform. Totally 300 preset channels can be loaded to 9651 and 9661 V / UHF radios. In addition, desired frequencies can be manually entered and communicated in the 30-108 MHz band at 25 kHz channel spacing.