Network Control Station

Network Control Station which provides services such as management of satellite terminals' channel requirement and network access, remote management of satellite terminals for land, sea and air satellite communication system, offers a switching infrastructure for the communication configurations of satellite terminals.

 Network Control Station provides encryption, acceleration and compression functions.In addition, Main and Spare Control Centers can be used as a backup for each other.

Features of Network Control Station
​Switching infrastructure of satellite terminals’ connection to Terrestrial Networks
​Switching infrastructure for inter-terminal satellite communication
​Encryption, Acceleration, Compression Services
​Redundant Operation of Main and Standby Network Control Stations
​Management and Monitoring of Satellite Terminals and Satellite Frequency Band
​Management and Monitoring of Satellite Terminals’ connection to Terrestrial Networks
Management of Satellite Terminals’ Channel Requirement and Network Access
Centralized and Dynamic Channel Planning and Management of Access Techniques (DAMA, PAMA, MF-TDMA etc.)
Remote Management of Satellite Terminals
​Interfaces for connection to national and corporate communication networks
​Secure connections to military networks via encrytion equipment
​Standard interfaces for connection to communication networks