Surveillance & Reconnaissance Satellite Ground Stations

Stationary and Mobile S / X Band Antenna Subsystems, User Subsystem Service, and Mobile Satellite Ground Stations Shelter, which are the basic components of Fixed and Mobile Ground Stations where the satellite operations are carried out , are developed, manufactured and integrated under ASELSAN responsibility.

In addition, User Station Subsystem of the Stationary and Mobile Ground Stations, which are developed by ASELSAN, fulfill the functions such as collecting end-user requests that constitute the critical steps of satellite operation, making preliminary feasibility studies on these requests, managing workflows of all units of the ground station, automatically archiving and distributing high volume data providing that high volume, performing image exploitation processes.

Satellite Ground Station Development and Integration

Stationary / Mobile Antenna Subsystems (S / X Band)

User Subsystem Services (Image Exploitation, Catalogue Archiving and Dissemination Services)

Mobile Ground Stations Shelter and Auxiliary Services