Ku-Band Turkey Antenna

Ku-Band Turkey Antenna is a shaped beam Gregorian Satellite Antenna used for receiving Ku-band uplink signals sent from Turkey coverage area. Turkey Antenna is also responsible of transmission of downlink signal to the Turkey coverage area.

Technical Specifications
​Antenna Type    ​Shaped Beam Gregorian Antenna
​Opening Property    ​Fixed Antenna on Top Panel
​Radius    ​Main Reflector 1.6 m
​Receiving Frequency Band     ​17.300-18.350 GHz WR62
​Transmitting Frequency Band    ​11.700-12.750 GHz WR90
​Receiving Polarization    ​Horizontal and Vertical
​Transmitting Polarization    ​Horizontal and Vertical
​Mass    ​< 35 kg
​Life    ​15 years
​Natural Frequency    ​> 45 Hz
Environmental Specifications​ ​
​Operating Environment    ​GEO