X-Band Communication Payload and DOCON-L which is one of its critical units are being developed by ASELSAN indigenously.

X-Band DOCON-L performs frequency down-conversion, channel amplification and harmonic filtering functions on the X-Band signal.


​ ​Technical Specifications
​RF Input Frequency Band    ​7900 - 8400 MHz
​RF Output Frequency Band    ​7250 - 7750 MHz
​Operating Modes    ​Linear Mode: External Gain Adjustment
​    ​Limited Mode: Automatic Level Control
​RF Gain (Linear Mode)    ​30-63 dB
​RF Input/Output Interface    ​SMA
​Power/Telecommand Telemetry Interface    ​D-Sub Connector
​Power Voltage    ​100V
​Power Consumption    ​0.2 W (OFF) / 21 W (ON)
​Mass    ​< 3.12 kg
​Natural Frequency    ​> 150 Hz
​Life    ​15 Year
​Reliability    ​<275 FIT @ 35 °C