Payload Services

Having high technology investments and qualified personnel, ASELSAN conducts payload and payload equipment design & production, payload integration as well as space qualified card and module production. Moreover, ASELSAN performs various tests including EMI/EMC, environmental, in-orbit test support and Thermal Vacuum Chamber tests.


Investments on two Thermal Vacuum Chambers, 2200x2500 mm and 1000x700 mm in diameter respectively, have been made with the utmost purpose of testing these unique payloads and equipment under space conditions.


These chambers are located in clean room area. ASELSAN has two clean rooms one of which is Class 100.000 complied 500m2 payload level Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) room and the other is Class 10.000 complied 600m2 space grade equipment manufacturing and qualification room.

​Payload Services
​Space Qualified Hardware Design & Production
​Electronical and Mechanical Ground Support Equipment Design & Production
​Equipment Level Space Qualification
​Assembly, Integration and Tests of Payload (X-band, Ku-Band, EHF-Band etc.)
​Environmental Analysis (Thermal, Shock, Vibration and Radiation)
​Environmental Tests (Thermal, Shock and Vibration)
​EMI/EMC Tests (MIL-STD-461E/F complied)
​Space condition tests via Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVC)
​In-orbit Test Support
​Class 100.000 (ISO 8) complied 500 m2 clean room
​10.000 (ISO 7) & 1.000 (ISO 6) complied, totally 600 m2 clean room