Traffic & Automation Systems

Traffic and Automation Systems business line comprises design, development and deployment of Electronic Toll Collection Systems, Advanced Traffic Management Systems and Automation Systems.

Electronic Toll Collection Systems programme involves activities on;

    Cash Based Toll Collection Systems,
    Card Based Automated Toll Collection Systems,
    DSRC Based Automated Toll Collection Systems,
    Hybrid Toll Collection Systems,
    Multilane Free Flow ETC Systems (Open Road Tolling)
    based on customer requirements for Highway and Ferry tolling.

Advanced Traffic Management Systems programme covers;

Event recognition,

Weather and road condition measurement,

Ramp metering, ​​​

Traveler information

Video management

functions for the pur​pose of increasing traffic safety and better use of roads.

In the scope of Automation Systems programme, design and development of large scale automation systems are executed.

    Vehicle and License Plate Recognition Systems
    Precision Farming Systems
    Disaster Management (Emergency Management) Systems