HGK Guidance Kit


HGK is the state of the art GPS/INS guidance kit that converts

existing 2,000lb MK-84 and NEB bombs into smart weapons.

• Re-targeting during captive flight

• Jam resistant

• All weather operation

• Fewer number of bombs, sorties and crews per mission

• Minimum logistic footprint

• Minimum collateral damage

• Affordable and cost effective

High Accuracy

Integrated GPS/INS support with hot start allows HGK to hit the

targets with high accuracy in all weather conditions. “INS ONLY”

mode provides HGK a unique capability.

Extended Range

HGK is capable of reaching ranges over 12 nautical miles when

released from medium altitudes. A maximum range of 15 nautical

miles is achieved upon releases from high altitudes.

Attack Profiles

Impact angles ranging from 10° - 90° allows HGK to attack a

variety of targets with lethal accuracy.

MIL-STD-1760 Compliance

HGK is fully MIL-STD-1760 compliant. Mission updating and

target acquisition using onboard sensor during captive carriage

provides operational flexibility required to adapt rapidly changing

conditions on the front.

New Frontier: F-35

HGK is UAI (Universal Armament Interface) compliant, and has

been added to F-35 inventory as a part of Block-4 weapon

integration and certification list.

New Capability

Laser sensor kit that can be installed optionally to the front of the

weapon will enable HGK to be used against mobile targets and

targets of opportunity with increased accuracy.

HGK Guidance Kit