UMTAS Anti Tank Missile Imaging InfraRed Seeker


Anti-Tank Missile 

Imaging Infra-Red Seeker 

Main Features

•  Fire & Forget Capability with Lock-On Before Launch

•  Target Update Capability

•  Aim Point Update Capability

•  High Resolution Uncooled Sensor

•  Long-Range Acquisition

•  Gyro-Stabilized Imaging System

•  Robust, Innovative Target Acquisition and Tracking

•  Athermalized Optics

•  Wide Field of View

•  Wide Field of Regard

•  Built-In Test Capability


•  Low Cost

•  Lightweight

•  Quick Turn-On Time

•  High Sensitivity

•  High Reliability and Low Life-Cycle Cost (No Cooler or Scanner)

•  MIL-STD-810G

UMTAS Anti-Tank Missile Imaging Infra-Red Seeker