ALBATROS K Unmanned Surface Target Boat

ALBATROS-K (CATAMARAN) High-Speed Unmanned Surface Target Boat is specially developed for the purpose of using as a moving target for artillery and guided missile shooting drills of naval forces and aircrafts.

ALBATROS-K (CATAMARAN) is an unmanned surface target boat developed by ASELSAN in order to use in artillery and guided missile shooting drills of naval forces and aircrafts.

ALBATROS-K, a continuation of Unmanned Surface Target Family, has a high speed and maneuverability that can be used as a moving target for firing exercises of naval forces’ artillery, close defense weapon systems and guided missiles, and for firing exercises of combat air platforms’ gatling gun and guided missiles.


ALBATROS-K can be used with autonomous, semi-autonomous or remote command and has a user-friendly interface. The system is an effective objective that can perform predetermined scenarios according to the purposes of the exercises and gunfire trainings and can perform various tasks with useful loads to be integrated on it.

The system is supported by ASELSAN Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the shot/hit image is transferred to the control station in real time to enable assessment of shot and strike damage.

Technical Features

•  Width   : 4.5 m

•  Length  : 10-16 m

•  Height  : 6 m (with target board)

•  Gross weight : 3.000-5.000 kg

•  Max speed    : 35+ kts

•  Control range: 10nm

•  Endurance    : 6 hours

•  Drive system : 2 Internal diesel engine

Application Areas

•  Target boat for firing exercises and gun testing

•  Target detection and tracking

Payload Options

•  3x3m - 5x5m Target Board

•  Navigation Camera

•  Flasher

ALBATROS-K Unmanned Surface Target Boat