KAPLAN Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot

KAPLAN Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robot is a genuine product for disposal of explosives remotely from a safe distance under demanding conditions. Equipped with the latest technology, KAPLAN EOD's core competencies are its strength, endurance and ease of control.

KAPLAN EOD enables the bomb squads to examine a suspicious object from at least 500 meters and is equipped with a seven-degree-of-freedom robotic arm for detailed inspection and disposal of explosives. The agile vehicle platform provides enhanced mobility on various terrains such as rock piles, steep slopes, stairs etc. under snowy and muddy conditions.

The onboard surveillance system enables the robot operator to examine suspicious objects with high resolution in real-time from the remote Operator Control Unit (OCU) and record for future examination.

Additionally, with 3D Robot display shown on the OCU, all movements of the robot can be monitored even if the robot is not within line of sight.

KAPLAN EOD also allows the operators to use automated processes and predefined operations to increase their attention on the mission by decreasing the work load in such a highly stressed environment.

KAPLAN Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot