MESAHA Hydrographic Survey Boat

MESAHA Hydrography Boat is a system capable of semiautonomous movement and can perform coastal and seabed mapping through the integrated payloads and softwares. 

With the softwares installed on the workstation such as Navigation Planning and Control, Data Collection and Analysis; 

MESAHA Boat has various capabilities as:

•  Map based navigation planning

•  Ensuring the planning of the next line at the end of each line

•  Cruise on the planned lines with autopilot system without user intervention

•  Display and save side scan back scatter data

Technical  Features

•  Length : 7.90 m


•  GPS

•  Autopilot 

•  Navigation Radar 

•  Multi Beam Echo Sounder System  

•  Single Beam Echo Sounder System

•  Side Scan Sonar 

•  Acoustic Doppler Current Measurement System

•  Positioning and Motion Detection  System

MESAHA Hydrographic Survey Boat