Job Applications

You are about to complete the job application form which is the first step to become a member of ASELSAN family. For the most appropriate job opportunities to match with the qualities you possess and your career goals, it is crucial that the information in your application is true, explicit, understandable and up to date.

ASELSAN offers job opportunities for students (Interns and Co-Ops), new graduates and experienced candidates. Before submitting your application, we recommend you to review the "Our Practice Areas" section.

Below are topics you have to pay attention when applying to ASELSAN.

    - First, you need to create a user registry in order to complete the Job Application Form of ASELSAN. To do this, you can proceed with "New Registry", "Registry Update", "Forgot My Password and "Change My Password" in the Registry Proceeding Screen.

    - For the registry procedures, you will need an active e-mail adress and Republic of Turkey ID Number (Mernis No). Those who are not a citizen of Republic of Turkey and therefore do not have a Republic of Turkey ID Number, can register with their e-mail addresses.

    - When you complete your registry and enter the correct password and verification code, you will be directed to the job application screen. In this screen you can start filling out your job application. If you click the "Save the Application" button while filling the form, the information is saved to the extent you have filled. Your application form is not sent to ASELSAN unless you click "Send the Application to ASELSAN" when you complete the application process. After this process, your application will be sent to our talent pool for monitoring.