Innovation Activities



Also as a result of the need for new instruments aiming to evaluate the success of the defense industry, ASELSAN has recently introduced an array of applications aimed at protecting its Intellectual and Industrial Property rights.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights in 2012​

​​Rights (number) Approved Applied
Patent 1 49
​Utility Model 1 13
Brand 16 21
​Industrial Design 4 2

In the scope of ASELSAN’s mission, vision and sustainable success strategy; Idea Management System was developed so as to improve innovation culture, increase employee’s creativity and facilitate continuous improvement and efficiency. Innovative ideas are gathered, evaluated and awarded by means of idea management system.

Conferences and workshops are organized in ASELSAN which contribute sharing and spreading knowledge in the company. “2. Communication and Information Technologies Workshop” and “2. Defense Systems Technologies Workshops” were held in year 2013.