In the first nine months of 2019, 1,134 new recruitments were made by our Company. As of September, our Company has broken the historical order record with orders of 10 Billion US Dollars and is expanding its staff of engineers and technicians within the scope of these orders. 70% of the newly recruited employees are engineers; 25% are technician staff. 26 of these employees have PhD and 144 of them have masters degree. ASELSAN, which is one of the first preferred institutions in the recovery of the trained human resources abroad, continued this feature in 2019 as well.

In this process, where qualified workforce employment stands out as the highest priority, a number of changes are implemented in order to have more agile organizational structure by taking into account the feedback received from our employees and the dynamics of the defense industry. In this context, in order to make the structure of our Company more efficient and to accelerate our decision-making processes, we have simplified some executive positions. In line with the decision, 20 managers retired.

Our efforts to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces with national resources and to become a reliable business partner on a global level will continue unabated.

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