IDEX has special importance amongst the international defence exhibitions participated by ASELSAN. United Arab Emirates is the flagship of the Middle East when it comes to, among many other aspects, the defense industry. IDEX has continually been recognized as evolving proof of this fact and ASELSAN is proud to be part of this major global defense exhibition once again.

At the exhibition ASELSAN stand will be furnished with state-of-the-art, indigenously designed Laser Guidance Kits and Precision Guidance Kits. Alongside stabilized Weapon and missile launching system platforms will be displayed. Counter UAV system, Mini Drone, Thermal Camera, Night Vision, Electro-Optic Sensor System, Laser Designator, Ground Surveillance Radar, Helicopter EW Suit and communication systems can also be observed in ASELSAN stand. 

Celebrating its 42nd year in the market, ASELSAN, is a multi-product company that designs, develops and produces high-end products and systems for military and professional applications.

Since its establishment in 1975, ASELSAN has become a reliable partner, in the fields of military communication systems, radar systems, electronic warfare systems, electro-optic systems, navigation & avionics, weapon systems, air & missile defense systems, C4ISR systems, naval systems, homeland security solutions and transportation, energy and automation systems. 

ASELSAN proved its competitiveness with remarkable success in the international arena, with its exports to 63 countries and through active participation in NATO joint research/development and production programs.

ASELSAN is organized in five business sectors in accordance with their expertise and technological capabilities:

- Communication & Information Technologies Business Sector,

- Microelectronics, Guidance & Electro-Optics Business Sector,

- Radar & Electronic Warfare Systems Business Sector,

- Defense System Technologies Business Sector,

- Transportation, Security, Energy & Automation Systems Business Sector

All the steps for system development are realized in ASELSAN starting from requirement definition and concept study that is followed by design, production, testing and logistic support. Hardware, software, mechanical and optical design are among the in-house capabilities of ASELSAN. 

Dedicating utmost importance to Research & Development (R&D) activities by allocating 6% of its annual revenue and through its technological know-how, ASELSAN has achieved the capability to undertake large-scale system integration projects and develop advanced products.

ASELSAN also has the modernization capability of land, air and naval platforms which requires specialized system engineering knowledge and experience. ASELSAN’s 42 years of experience is the primary asset to achieve successful integration and modernization projects.

ASELSAN sustains its activities in four facilities located in Ankara-Turkey with a workforce of more than 5000 employees of which 60% are engineers. Most of the engineers are being tasked solely on R&D activities.

Additionally ASELSAN finances concept projects by its own resources that would be in need of future requirements. By doing so, ASELSAN establishes an innovative corporate identity.

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